Data Science


Job offers

Meet our fantastic data science team

Béraud Sudreau

Chief Actuary

"We intend to develop our leadership in actuarial science through innovation and applied research. Today our solution powers several major insurance companies around the world, which is a great source of pride for us."

Yuan Zhang

Data Scientist

"I enjoy working at Akur8, not only because we work on the algorithm and learn about insurance fields, but also because we embrace different cultures."

Ramon Masachs

Lead Data Scientist

"The variety of the missions makes the role of a Data Scientist very challenging but also very exciting."

Aymeric Blanchet

Lead Data Scientist

"What's special here at Akur8 is that we're building a data software for data experts."

Marco Banterle

Actuarial Data Scientist

"We work together as a team and everybody's there to support you . But at the same time, you can really feel the impact your own work has on the business."