AG2R uses Akur8's risk module to provide their policyholder with fair prices




Provide policyholders with prices that are fair, transparent and personalized



”We are delighted with our partnership with Akur8. We are always striving to do better for our policyholders, in a context that requires agility and an increased ability to adapt. We hope that this unique, innovative, and intuitive solution will bring great value to a process as crucial as pricing.”

Anne-Charlotte de Raigniac, Directeur actuariat et acceptations médicales d’AG2R LA MONDIALE

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Actuaries working with Akur8 solution

Drive business value by bringing your end-to-end pricing process to the next level

Akur8 is the only technology on the market that automates the generation of production-ready GAM/GLMs. Thanks to its unique proprietary algorithms, it delivers tremendous business value by unlocking untapped combined ratio improvement. 

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“Akur8 helps us continue to strive for technical sophistication and empowers us to deliver valuable insurance solutions to our customers more efficiently while ensuring utmost transparency and control. We believe Akur8 will not only be an important asset to our team’s work along the whole pricing value chain, but also of great value to our customers for providing increased personalization and targeted pricing in a dynamic marketplace.”

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"We chose Akur8 because it is an innovative solution, which allows us to put the best-in-class pricing technology at the service of our employees. The modeling speed saves precious time for our teams.”

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“Akur8 allows for a reduction in modeling time, enabling us to build new prices much faster and significantly decreasing our time-to-market, while increasing the productivity of our team.”

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